Good to see you

We welcome everyone to the relaxing atmosphere at Fjellkysten. This is the place to let go of everyday stress and free your mind. Take in the beautifiul nature and stunning suroundings. The atmosphere can be described with a quote by the Norwegian singer-sogwriter Halvdan Sivertsen: Here is no demand of success.Here you can be yourself. Here is comfort, here is hope.We live in the same dream as you.”

Experiences Fjellkysten


All are based on the nature around us and both summer and winter you can experience great scenery.


We are dedicated to providing a variety of cultural activities. From classical concerts to local troubadours.


Fjellkysten is especially well suited for small conferences or “Team Building”.

Histories from Fjellkysten

spice girls

Spice girls visited Fjellkysten!

Skrevet av fjellkysten, 23. feb 2015

They enjoyed the fireplace at  Fjellkysten these four happy ladies from London. Having been in Polar Park and been with us on a guided Northern Lights trip, they could  relax sitting up in front of the fireplace with us. Next day they went on to Mefjord brygge in Senja. We thank the nice ladies for [...]

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Hunting for the northern light.

Skrevet av fjellkysten, 18. des 2014

At the airport at Bardufoss I met four smiling and very pleasant young people who had made the trip from England to see the northern lights in northern Norway. There were some great days for the gang. Already the first evening they saw a stunning Northern Lights, and they rejoiced a lot to have received [...]

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